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Dr. Kristy Dong Tran, DC

In life, we are always told to follow our dreams, by our parents, our teachers, friends, and family. A dream is anything we want it to be, there is no limit on what we can dream.


My dream is to be a doctor. I always wanted to become a doctor. Being a doctor is not only my dream but also my parents’. I am not selecting this profession because I wish to be the wealthiest and most highly recognized doctor the world had ever seen. I choose this career path because I want to be an individual who will serve her people and country by caring for the body structure and the interrelationship between its many systems. I have always cherished the opportunity to help friends, family members, and anyone in need of my assistance.


After four years of pre-med at California State University of San Bernardino, it was time for me to find a school for my doctorate degree. Not wishing to leave my friends, family, and my future husband, I decided to look into medical schools locally in Southern California. I visited several campuses and talked with several doctors at various universities. Most medical schools focus on diagnosing the symptoms and finding the correct drugs to suppress those symptoms. Basically, med-school is a lot of memorization of various drugs in the market to treat the ailments. It was when I visited the Southern California University of Health Science, that I was amazed at how traditional holistic care can provide chiropractic treatments to patients without the need of drugs or surgery. The thoughts of healing others through the use of one’s own hands seemed to show more of the personnel connection I was yearning for when I dreamed of becoming a doctor rather than the path of seeing a patients for less than 5 minutes and sending them away with just a prescription.  This natural medicine approach does not use surgery or medication and is considered by holistic believers to be a natural method of medicine that works with the body. It is primarily a health-focused discipline, one intended to get patients to a level of health through proper nutrition and lifestyle so that they no longer require treatments. This type of approach appeals to those seeking on curing the ailment rather than suppressing systems.


Seeing my aging parents having cabinets full of drugs, the various side effects of too many drugs, and the minimal time dedicated toward personnel interactions, I deeply feel that alternative medicine and natural healing is the path for all future healthcare for me.


It was our great inventor, Thomas Edison, who gave us light through the invention of the light bulb, said in 1903 that “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” It is through this strong belief that I quickly enrolled at Southern California University of Health Science for my Doctorate of Chiropractic degree.  I spent several years working under experienced chiropractors before deciding to open my own practice, ORGANIC CHIROPRACTIC CARE in South El Monte (use to be SMART Spine Chiropractic). Following Thomas Edison’s words of wisdom and focusing on alternative medicine, I feel that a personal connection with my patients is just as important as technical knowledge.


My husband and I have tried to have a baby for 12 years and in April 2020, our wishes and dream of having a family has came true. We are truly thankful, grateful, and bless for our baby boy.  I am now finally a mom! Beside being a mom, which is the best feeling ever and my greatest achievement/accomplishment in life. I also love being a doctor, business owner, and a wife. Once my son was close to turning 2 years old, I decided to go back to work and open my 2nd location in orange county, FOUNTAIN VAILLEY CHIROPRACTIC.

If you are concerns about pain, the effect it has on one’s life, and the ideal treatment plan for you. At ORGANIC CHIROPRACTC CARE and FOUNTAIN VALLEY CHIROPRACTIC, I will take the time to communicate with you, help you address your immediate concerns, and educate you about preventing future problems.  My personal belief for our patient is to offer you the latest treatment options and efficient care plans so you can quickly reach your ultimate success at achieving your health and wellness goals.

Dr. Simon Ma, DC

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